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"The listener wants not only to get a sense of what you’ve done, but your POV and what you bring to the project."
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Adaptable and visionary, Jan is a talent that makes things happen. Beyond her Pitching and Content Development workshops, she has the skills and contacts to design and deliver programs that best meet the clients’ needs.

Her portfolio of Program Design & Execution includes:

Involved from the very beginning, Jan continues to work with Women in View to design and deliver unique training and development programs for women in the screen industry.

Programs include masterclasses, panels, mentorships, consultations, and one-to-one coaching to prepare women to move forward in the industry.  Programs to date include:

  • Five in Focus Directors
  • Five in Focus Atlantic
  • Five in Focus Animation
  • Five in Focus Indigenous

Development and delivery of training for Women in Animation Vancouver’s Animation Career Excelerator (ACE) program

Women in Animation Vancouver’s ACE (Animation Career EXCELerator) Program is designed to advance the careers of women in the animation industry by giving them a key credit in the creation of their very own short film, providing mentorship and training along the way, ensuring they are set-up for success.  Jan has been with this program from the beginning helping to refine the elements and offering in-depth consultations and master classes to develop the presentation and pitching skills of animators moving forward. 

Development and delivery of training for Women in Animation’s Animation Career Excelerator (ACE) program

Jan worked closely with the team to contribute to their unique Animation Career Excelerator  (ACE) program to develop the voice of individual female animators wanting to move forward in their careers.

Design and delivery of the CMPA’s International Co-Production Accelerator Program:

Jan is now the lead of CMPA’s international Co-Production Accelerator Program: a flagship initiative that will facilitate international cooperation between Canadian and international companies to create feature films and drama series.

What People are Saying

“Jan has been a transformative presence in my life and career”

“Jan has been a transformative presence in my life and career – Jan has an extraordinary ability to see our potential and help us bring it to the surface.

And she does it with such joy, it’s inspiring! I’m so happy to have met and worked with Jan!”

 – Ana Gusson, Director “Pivot”, Animation Career Excelerator (ACE) program

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