"Always deal in specifics without getting lost in details."
Let's Connect

Connect with Jan Miller for one-on-one, one-hour consultations. Sessions are offered virtually, by phone, or in person if Jan is in a city near you.

Coaching Format:

The session begins with the “pitch.” From here, Jan works to: 

  • Develop/strengthen the content; improve the introduction, cut line, logline, synopsis, heart, and the package of pluses for each project
  • Identify and strengthen personal communications skills to reinforce the in-person pitch
  • Improve storytelling skills: clarity, structure, economy, vision
  • Strengthen the ability to hook the listener and effectively convey both the essence of the project and your own personal story and credentials 
  • Strengthen the pitch one-sheet
  • Identify achievable goals for each kind of meeting
  • Increase the chances of finding a good fit for the project by successfully targeting the pitch to the right person at the right place, at the right time


Each client is required to submit the following:


  1. Title
  2. Format (TV drama series, documentary, feature film etc.)
  3. Short project synopsis (60 – 75 words)
  4. Longer synopsis (250 – 300 words)
  5. Project status (e.g. in development, treatment, first draft etc.)
  6. What the applicant is looking for (broadcaster, executive producer, distributor etc.)
  7. The resume and position of the individual applying (producer, director, writer)
  8. Creative team short bios
  9. Partners/funders attached
  10. Contact info

What People are Saying

“My work with Jan has made all the difference in the world”

“I really believe that my work with you made all the difference in the world in how my pitch went. I was the last pitch of the last day, and I couldn’t have been more pleased by the response. My work with you had me so centered and focused on what were the important things to communicate, and it worked! Also, your advice on which clip to show was right on the money. Many people around the table responded very well to the footage. You have such invaluable information and coaching to give!”

-Carol Ciancutti-Leyva, Director/Producer, USA, Absolutely Safe

I look forward to the possibility of working with you!